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Happy New Year!

I kicked off 2013 with a new fitness regimen. I practice Pop Pilates with Cassey Ho for about 5 hours a week. Cassey’s Pilates workouts are a fusion of cardio, strength, dance and yoga with top 40 hits.

Cassey adds a new video every week to her channel of 100+ videos that she started in 2009. Her videos are often a part of a seasonal series. She creates a fitness calendar every month on her blog at, which tells us exactly which videos to do on which days. Every month has it’s own seasonal theme and incentive. Cassey’s dedication to motivate and give to her fans surpasses any and every TV/Video fitness instructor I’ve ever tried, and her videos are the best in so many ways.

If you’re looking for an alternative to the gym, check her out. ;)

{September 26, 2012}   SkinnyGirl Epiphany


Model: Aruna Advaney

Jeans & Cami: EXPRESS

This past Labor Day weekend was liberating for me, because I came to an epiphany about food and body image. Thanks to the inspiration of others, and my own self-reflection, I finally decided to stop trying to deny myself, embrace my lifelong fondness for food, and eat whatever I like. To hell with my fashion and fitness aspirations. I never gained weight from my indulgences anyway, and I no longer care to lose weight, now that I no longer care about fashion.

After my attempt at modeling, and years of working in fashion retail (Express, American Eagle Outfitters, and H&M), I started to reflect on the whole fashion industry in general, and I just completely lost interest in fashion. Being a recovered shopaholic, I’m relieved to say that I have not even looked at new fashion in over a year. I don’t care to buy into an industry that is no longer relevant to me. I am now content with making the best of my own beauty and self care, without having to deal with fashion clutter and product buildup. I’m more excited about my new 0 credit card balance than I was with my size 0 jeans. Are those really a “0”? Who cares? That “0” looks much nicer on my billing statement, than it does as a fake marketing tool on an overpriced garment. I’m content with the clothes that I have, and can still easily fit into, dated or not.

I’ve come to terms with my gift of a fast metabolism, and now I look forward to fully enjoying my gift without any guilt or comparisons. I may become interested in fashion again. If I do, I’m fully confident that I’ll be able to pull off any trend, in spite of my liberal new eating plan. For now, I’m dumping fashion for my new peace of mind.


Aruna Advaney, Autistic Model

These photos represent a friendship that began over Labor Day Weekend 2010 with a professional, self-employed fashion & product photographer.  Just two months before I met him, I was diagnosed with Asperger Syndrome, which is on the Autism Spectrum.

Our first conversation was on Friday, September 3rd. He said he liked my look and wanted to update his business card with my image. I met with him on Labor Day and we did a practice shoot in his studio. Given my lack of experience and slight autism, I was doing a lot of things wrong during the practice shoot. In spite of all that was lacking, this photographer befriended me, and over the following year, he mentored me, taught me how to model and how to interact with the camera. He also taught me how to use Photoshop to retouch my own photos. He said that I had potential as a Fashion Catalogue Model.

In spite of our efforts to reach my potential, it didn’t happen. However, we did create this portfolio of images during those months of practice . He photographed me with his arsenal of Canon and Hasselblad photography equipment and accessories. I’m glad I gave it my best shot, and that I got to model for such a talented and knowledgeable artist. Working with him was a blast, and I wish him the best.

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